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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  July 22, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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injured. some of the injured were visited by the president and those killed were remembered and a special vigil.
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if >> words are always inadequate in these kinds of situations. half of my main task was to serve as a representative of the entire country and let them know that we are flunking about them if at this moment and will continue to think about them each and every day. authorities believe the suspect had been planning the rampage for months.
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>> this individual in my opinion is a cold, calculating margaret. >> 12 people died and nearly 60 hurt when the suspected gunman opened fire during a midnight showing of the movie. qr >> i think of the of the people who are not as lucky as i was furious >> authorities have not publicly discuss a motive. b is scheduled to appear in court on monday for this grieving community, many people say they want to focus on stories of courage and strength not on evil and despair. >>vicki: join us on monday for updates on the record date. will also happily this information on facebook in it twitter. the facebook has moved from
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colorado to the bay area. da lin tells us about his first trip since being elected into office. >> a sold-out obama fund- raiser at the fox theater. monday's event in a town oakland will be his first public appearance. the. >> them a secret signs and has this >> i think that it may affect our business. re-bath could miss some revenue but i think it is worth it to be able to have a president here. oakland police will shut down some streets around the
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theater and parking will be allowed during the day. about 2800 people are expected to attend. ticket prices range from $100 to $7,500 and. during his visit the president will also attend to other fund-raisers in neighboring cities. the tickets for those events are close the canallers per person. >> i am hoping he embraces the 99%. he needs to embrace us rather than alienate us. but >>vicki: the president arrived a run on a 3:00 p.m.. reggie kumar was there for the arrival.
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>>reggie: air force one landed at sfo about an hour late. before arriving in the bay area the president spent extra time with the victims of the movie theater message. security at sfo was extremely tight. but snipers stood on top of buildings. when the president's plane made its final turn and stopped the commander-in- chief exited and waved before walking down the stairs to his a waiting motorcade. the president will spend sunday night in san francisco. his first event is at reno nevada. >>vicki: mitt romney is also here in the bay area. at one private event he charged $50,000 a plate.
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>>jan: protesters gathered outside of mitt romney is first fund-raising event on sunday, a luncheon in as woodside never did. the fund-raiser reportedly came the $50,000 per person price tag. >> we're here to let people know it for you are. clouds-at the fairmont hotel some are anxiously of reading his arrival.
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as 6:30 p.m. he was expected at a private intimate dinner at home in pacific heights. the fund-raiser is expected to cost $50,000 a person. two men are in custody after someone opened fire on a chp officer that tried to pull over a ban on saturday night on 880 near 54th ave. the band took off into the office are followed. a black car came out of nowhere in the started ramming the officer's car. the man in the black car could fire on the officers shattering his windshield. the car and van tons of rubber cover both vehicles were the truth down a short time later. there were two men taken into custody.
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the 2 q: a ban have been arrested. police have not said what the officer was attacked. after listening crash killed two crew of workers on a 4 05 freeway entrance. authorities say an suv rear ended a car cause in a car to spin out of control into a construction zone. the road workers were struck in and killed. police arrested the driver of the suv. apartment is regulations after a fire in san jose started around 9:00 p.m. and at some of our lives on camden ave. firefighters had a fire official some later. investigators in oakland are trying to figure out will cause a house fire. >>host: the weather was gorgeous around the area this weekend. a lot of sunshine and, at little falls and warm temperatures the. readings in the mid-upper 90s, close to 100 degrees
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area x most unclear conditions and i agree to the east wing of showers and thunderstorms. flashes of lightning have been seen in parts of the east bay from the storm. these storms are moving to the east. here is a live you outside right now of the bay bridge. clear conditions at least for the time being. as the go into tomorrow morning we will see fog push into the bay. we will see sunshine to the late morning and the afternoon. i will let you know how warm it is going to get coming up.
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>>vicki: penn state university will be hit with expensive fines. the n.c.a.a. plans to reveal penalties on a monday. they removed their famed statue of joe paterno today. >> everything is gone. it is really sad. >> and joe is a man we love. the reason we love them is if 60 years of integrity. >> i drove from north carolina appear to take a picture with his stature. like a bunch of thieves need to get a wait in the night. >> the university said down the statue early on sunday morning. workers took up a fence and a tarp to block the view.
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>> there are a lot of issues, you can see why they have to do certain things, but you hate to see it. >> decision angered fans is a paternal was not perfect but had a history. a library will still keep his name. famine this is not fixing the problem, this is just drawn the attention away from people who should be taking more responsibility and blame. >> flowers and personal messages sat outside of the paternal house. the family issue the statement. but
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>>vicki: the statue was taken down in the wake of reports that found officials concealed sex abuse claims against jerry sandusky. >>brian: clear skies for tonight but we have fog headed in for tomorrow morning. we will let you know how long it is going to stick around. [ male announcer ] it would be easy for u.s. olympian meb keflezighi
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>>vicki: this >> is a great day and warned of a couple of years ago which he discharged for being gay. >> and a promise liking into the navy 11 years ago to my friend chris, that i would always support gay and lesbian service members. i'm on your doing that today. >>vicki: more than 300 active duty had signed up to pledges of aid in the parade. >>brian: clear skies around the bay area. a live the of the golden gate.
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scott is guys tomorrow morning in cold temperatures. san jose is at an 57. stunt has been pretty mild inland this evening. we will see a gradual cooling trend over the next few days. each and every day a little bit cooler. tonight, clear with fog moving into the bay. tomorrow afternoon temperatures will be cooler.
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'60s and '70s bayside, temperatures will continue to slide as the go to the week. temperatures are pretty nice, low-mid '80s.
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concord and fairfield 90 degrees, 70's bayside. san francisco again in the mid-upper 60s, oakland mid- 70s this if 70's at the peninsula. your is a look at the 7 day around the bay. temperatures decrease through thursday. we will have minimal fog monday-wednesday fanned more fog thursday and friday with drizzle. that will bring a temperatures into the '60s bayside, ladies and men. next week and is looking pretty nice. >>vicki: most web users are growing twice to e-mail fishing schemes. >> by now most of us avoid clicking on rings in shady looking females. potential a tennis together
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personal information. there is another trick to growing in popularity. whether searching for news on a hot topic like celebrity gossip, a new gadget or major world event or even as something as mundane as a recipe, be careful where you click. that search results could be 18 to the link. >> people are aware they should be careful when in their e-mail, that same level of awareness needs to be there when you're searching or in facebook. >> many entities spend time and money, including how to get their side to the top of the list of search results. it is called search engine optimizing. a search engine poisoning use the same strategy for scanning.
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>>vicki: the oakland a's and giants went to extra innings today. the oakland a's have never swept the yankees, today it took 12 innings but they got the job done. cocoa course not in the winning run. the oakland a's all five games behind texas. the giants also won in 12 innings against the phillies that they could not get the job done. the phillies won the game 4- 3. the giants are still 1.5 games ahead of the dodgers for the division lead. michael jackson's mother katherine was reported missing. coming up with find out where she was found in would take a look a your entertainment news. >>kate:
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>>vicki: we can box office results were put on hold because of the are rushing tragedy. michael jackson's mother reported missing and a pop star mourns the death of his former stepson. >> is michael jackson's mother katherine missing as reported to police by her nephew or resting in prison on doctors' orders? michael's 15 year-old daughter paris says she is worried because the grandchildren have not heard from the family matriarch in
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a week. jermaine jackson said on twitter his mother is fine. he says fee for health is paramount and we're not inventing or plotting anything. attorney for katherine jackson said she is concerned fete her client is not safe. what her grandchildren try to get in touch with her they are told she is not available. the missing persons report comes days after a dispute between her advisers and several of her children over finances and legal affairs. former stepson of usher raymond died on saturday, hospitalized more than two weeks ago. a 11 year-old suffered a serious head injury after a boating accident on a georgia late. the boy's mother was married to russia for two years. they have two children together and divorced in 2009. >>vicki: it was a great date to be in oakland a's fan. we're going to take you back out to the ballpark. i shot this with my iphone.
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the battle could disrupt the yankees all four games. very exciting. that is it for us, have a good night.
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